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Happy Birthday to Meee [Nov. 29th, 2006|08:40 am]
you flubbed the punch line!
Woo its past midnight which means its officially the 29th of November, which means im officially 18 years of age, which means i can officially buy the cigarettes ive been smoking for a year. ok, two years, but every smoker has a period of denial before they finally out themselves as official smokers. what a dirty label- smoker. one minute you're bumming a few cigarettes--fags if you're british--from a friend at a party, then you're buying a pack for the weekend, then you kinda lose track of how many packs you've bought, then you're smoking on your breaks at work...alone, and as you smoke that morning cigarette thats become an ingrained part of your daily routine, it dawns on you that you might in fact be (*gulp*) a smoker (*cough*).
So I'm 18. And trying to at least start this year relativly sober, as these last two years have been anything but. Especially within the last two months, my drug use--no, scratch that, abuse--has gotten ridiculous. No more uppers for me. I just want to drink and do acid once in a while. And only ecstacy on weekends. Yeah, thats a good start.